Monday, November 24, 2008

I need to be in bed

Worked a 'full day' today which means teaching and the coffee shop. I taught a 6/7 class and will be back tomorrow. I got to put together and teach an impromptu lesson so that was really nice.

Last week I met one of my downstairs neighbours (I only know the neighbours on my floor- all so nice) and we were bitching about the front stairs (uber unsafe- I've never fallen down but I have fallen up (with groceries) hot.) and I also bemoaned the stupid overgrown bamboo that covers the apartment number and my darling neighbour was all shocked when she realized I was right. Anyhoo got home today and my landlord obviously took an axe to ALL the bamboo in front of our apartment and now there is nothing but stubs. Sigh.

Tomorrow I'm thinking photos! (After I get back from the sushi place- I get sushi tomorrow)

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