Monday, November 03, 2008

Knitting Entry #1

So..... here's some knitting stuff. Let's see how much will change by the 30th. Interesting, no? (well.... humour me)

I finished my toques last night. One is for my neighbour's son (the one who was scratched by Spike) and the other is for Malcolm. Cascade 220- the only non-acrylic Spider-man coloured yarn I could find; I have nothing against acrylic but since it's a winter theme figured we needed some warmness.

And here are some projects, you've probably seen them before but I want to do a recap.

The Never-Ending-Cause-I-Haven't-Worked-On-It-For-Ten-Months-John-Deere-Scarf:
I cast this one on last Xmas for my uncle. Um.... two outta thirty squares done. Xmas 2015 anyone?

Sweet-Pea-Shawl:Going to run out of yarn so I'm going to work in some more colours. I thought five skeins would be enough... no.

My Pretty Pretty Cashmere Scarf:Sooooo pretty and soft. I keep on losing the pattern and have to figure it out myself.

Oh God. We won't even talk about these socks.
Log Cabin Blanket Rainbow Edition:
The Wallis:
The back is done, one sleeve, and the left front- the right front is about two thirds done. Nearly there.


Socks for my Dad (for his birthday... a month ago)

A Malcolm Sweater:
Windowpane socks:
And now I am going to bed. I started this entry before I went to work but ran out of time and now that I'm back I'm really tired. But me sister (the one who had the baby- not the one in PNG) called and it was so nice to hear her voice. Mmmm... family.

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jenn said...

Oh, and Malcolm totally needs some mitts!