Sunday, November 16, 2008


Maybe I shouldn't leave blogging till the end of the day. Then my blog entries may at least have the potential of being interesting. Bah- who are we kidding? I can guarantee that tomorrow entry will suck. Unless I get inspired at take and then download some knitting photos for you all. I cast on a new project tonight. Cause I didn't have enough on the go apparently. It's nothing exciting.

I did buy this yarn last week or so at BC Creative Expo. Which was not worth the ticket price FYI. They could take a page out of the IPE when it comes to setting up exhibitions. This yarn is Kauni and is gorgeous. I want to show you a finished sweater but I'm so paranoid about photo copyright I'm scared. The skeins are all the same colourway- it's just a very long and gradual colour change. I'm thinking a form fitting sweater with some sort of fun fair isle, like stars- I'm predictable like that.
Well, I'm going to get to bed. I had a very good dinner tonight so I have an awesome lunch for tomorrow. I hope when I wake up my hair is not doing the thing it's doing right now. *Poof*

Oh- and would you all find a post about my sims interesting? I can never tell if my interests will relate well onto a blog entry. I mean, knitting we know is always interesting, but computer games? I'm not sure. Opinions please!

eta- I reread this just now and found a kabillion grammatical errors but I'm keeping them. I feel it goes along with the whole 'I'm tired' theme of my blog for the month.


yarnpiggy said...

Ooooh...that Kauni looks gorgeous.

And by all means, bring on the sims!

jenn said...

Well, given that we'll talk on the phone about sims...

Hey, my word verification is fating.


Anonymous said...

Any subject can be interesting/moving/funny, depending on what and how you write about it.

I think Sims posts have the potential for hilarity :)