Sunday, November 02, 2008


....helping me wind yarn (he sat on my lap ontop of the yarn while I was winding it~ difficult shot to get).

....blocking the way.
...trying to scratch me.
... getting caught in a bag somehow.
... being very sneaky while on the top cupboards (the ones he is not suppose to be on but I have no way of getting him down).
... eating my food when I go to answer the phone (and yes- I did eventually stop him and yes- I threw it out).
... conquering the evil bag (all bags are evil by the way)~ he must sit or sleep on them all!
... helping me unpack my computer (he sat on it for quite a while).
... being a Spawnkitty.


yarnpiggy said...

Spike is a bit of a piggy cat, no? I likey! :-)

jenn said...

Hee, Spike pictures! It has been a while!