Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sims Sims Sims

If I had known how long it was going to take me to get these photos organized.... sheesh.

Anyhoo here is my Sims2 Family Third Generation. Bear with me here as I go through the backstory: I started a family once on my sister's laptop with the brand new Sims2. I called them the Fables and it was Ashley and Milla. But it was my sister's computer so I didn't play them all that much. Then my sister got a newer laptop and some more expansion packs to sims, so I started the Fable family again but again- it is my sister's computer. Than I moved out with the first laptop and was playing the Fable family there but the old laptop struggled with Sims, especially with the expansion packs. Then... I got my new computer. Aaaahhhhh. And the sims- they be mine. All mine. I can *so* get addicted but it comes and goes. Without further ado:

The Aesop Family.

This is Angel and Milla. You might notice in further photos I changed Angel's look right away. They started out as strangers but eventually....
.... fell in love and got engaged. Here Angel is proposing to Milla in their tiny house.
Then they started to procreate....
and even more (adoption too)...
till the family tree looks something like this: Mathius, Spike, Renn, Brenda, Quirk & Harry (twins), Boo, Alon (only boy), Parker & Jamieson. All children are either adult or young adult right now. Only Mathius, Spike, and Brenda have graduated from university because OMG could university take any longer? I kinda think eight semesters is TOO much! Angel is a Police Chief and is kinda like a superhero- he rocket jets to work, and Milla is... Chief of Staff? Can't remember, she graduated anyways. Anyhoo, here are some random shots and facts about the Sims family.

Here is... Quirk I think. She's making out with her professor which improves her grades. I know. So wrong.
Here is the eldest, Mathius, with her kid- Jackson- whose father is the maid, Steve. Mathius is the Hand of Posiedon and Jackson is a progedy child. He's already maxed out three skills and he's only just a teenager- creativity, logic, and... cooking? Something like that.

This is Spike, who is nothing like her namesake, and her partner, Wren, who is serenading her. In the bathroom. Wren is a mascot so most of the time his head is a Llama which freaks me out.
Here are Parker and Jamieson who are now in University. They were the last of the children so by far had the richest childhood which means they are really skilled sims.
Ah... the lone boy Alon. He was adopted and I was going to stop once the family finally got a boy but Milla was already pregnant so he wasn't the last. He's in a frat house right now which is fun because I'm being evil to the other frat boys because I didn't know you had to play the other frat characters when your sim got into the frat house. So annoying. I'm trying to kill one of the frat brothers by making him tinker with electronics or fix electronics and he has low mechanical skills. So far he just keeps electricuting himself so he's all singed and his clothing is burned off but no death. I'm also leaving a lot of dishes in his room so he may get swarmed by flies.
Brenda married Greg and has adopted Brittany and Grant but is pregnant right now. I'm also trying to get Greg abducted by aliens by looking through the telescope all night long so he can have an alien baby but so far he just has really high logic skills.
Milla and Angel are old now but still like to have public woohoo.
So that's it. My geekiness is now and forever branded upon me. I'm trying to get all the kids out of university- Boo will be graduating soon- but geez it takes forever. I have also started my own neighbourhood for people in real life but we'll see about that.


yarnpiggy said...

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heh heh heh


Anonymous said...

Hey, ask yarnpiggy about her virtual garden. ;) i like Sims so I'm geeking right there with you girl.

jess said...


seriously - i'm not sure what it is about paysons and sims. you guys LOVE it.

i guess you could say the same about chants and not liking sims. well, it's not that i don't like it - i LOVE seeing what you all come up with.

your sims ROCK.

jenn said...

Mmm, I need to play me some Sims.