Monday, November 10, 2008


let's pretend yesterday's blog entry never happened okay? My original idea was to put nothing in the title and then just write 'brain melting' and leave it at that which I didn't think would be appropriate but now I'm thinking it would have been better than the massive quiz entry. I may modify it because it's showing up wonky on my computer.

Today is a review of the Duffy concert I went to with Sheena (Hi Sheena!) on Oct 16 at the Orpheum. It was really good and we had an awesome time~ I LOVE the orpheum. (More about Duffy here). It was interesting because she's still a new singer and so her band, while awesome, wasn't strong enough- and she didn't have any real back up singer so songs like Mercy, which is one of my favorites on her album, fell kinda short comparatively speaking- but songs she did mostly solo, like Syrup and Honey (my absolute favorite hands down), ROCKED! She's a very old-school performer, made me think of Patsy Cline, and was very personable with the crowd. This new video really shows off how she performs- down to the pointing, poising, and clapping (minus the guys doing back flips) but the shoes with the killer heels and the outfit were very similar too.

It was great and I was so happy to be going out and doing stuff!

I have lots to write about for you (knitting workshops, birthday parties, Kung Fu Panda) and hopefully I won't be so zombie. I love Jolene, I really do, but that girl has way too much energy and I still had to work nearly every day she was here (coffee shop) AND my feet were wet all weekend. I'm thinking of not really getting out of bed tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes.

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I've tagged you for a meme in my post for Nov. 10 -- if you need an easy one. :-)