Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Yarn is Taking Over

So yeah... nearly cast on a new project today but had to frog when the two colours I had chosen were too similar. I bought yarn today- still just buying yarn with my tip money! I rock- and the yarn is from Chrissy (non-rav Chrissy here) (store here) and it is GORGEOUS. Sorry it yell but it had to be done. I'll post pictures soonish. Saturday fer sure- tomorrow is iffy (like... in the all around sense- not just iffy for posting pictures, iffy for consciousness).

I also have about four projects I am just itching to get on the needles and it is all I can do to not cast on. I am knitting, currently, three pairs of socks, one cardigan, one blanket, two baby legwarmers which Malcolm will outgrow before I ever finish them, three scarves... sorry- five scarves...

I think I need to focus on finishing things for a bit. I still love my grad socks so much. They rock my world. I showed them to a very rowdy class of Grade 1s today and it was the first- and only- time they were silent. They all wanted to touch the sock and then wanted me to stay and teach them all how to knit (frankly not enough money in the world could get to me to do that but I stuck to the 'your teacher wants to you do math right now, not knitting' excuse).

However, having a new awesome knitting group to meet with on Thursdays is not good for me. Now I want to start crochet and I want to knit MORE socks -but!- I was also inspired to finish my baby cardigan by seeing a very darling one in the finishing stages. Ah.

I'm off to finish my book 'The Graveyard Book' by Neil Gaiman. Review to follow soon we hopes.


yarnpiggy said...

Ok, I'm going to have to join this new group. I definitely need inspiration to get just about anything done! :-)

Oh...and I see you're selling tomatoes now! :-)

Anonymous said...

Seeing the finished object does make it seem worth all the effort... lol.

I'm so excited to see what you make of all that pretty pink yarn sprout yarn :)