Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I feel useless. I want Obama to win but I resist a rant because a) I'm not American and b) I can't vote. And the election here sucked (boooooooo harper) so I have residual election-suckiness fear. And anyhoo, my rant about the American vote would be the same as everyone else.... PALIN: OMZG WTF!!!

I taught an awesome 6/7 class this morning. I love watching kids work together. But now I'm home to eat then I need to take off and go see the bra people and then go to French class then I'm off to hang out with some friends I haven't seen for awhile.

I promise (kinda) that tomorrow's blog entry will be more interesting. We can hope that I'll be writing about President Obama.

Speaking of feeling powerless (and kinda like you're going to die)...View from Gorse Mountain~ now that I've gone on the gondola I know I never have to go on it again.

How do you deal with feeling powerless?


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yarnpiggy said...

Dude...it's Grouse Mountain! :-)

I'm not good with the powerlessness...the short answer: I don't deal with it. ;-)