Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Grose, Grouse, Goose.... it's all moot when I think I'm going to die

So funny subbing story today.

I'm at a school for the afternoon and it looks like it's going to be pretty sweet. There's an assembly- which brings mixed emotions. If they are a decent class- it all will be good, but one of my most difficult days was taking a very, very, very challenging class to a school assembly and trying to get them back into their classroom (two fights, a principal, and a whole long time later- we did it). Anyhoo, I get to the school and the kids are great so it's all good, I'm not worried at all about the students. The performance was by Brothers From Different Mothers and they were bloody awesome! Very funny and interactive (the mikes sucked so that was a shame but from what I could hear- rather hilarious) and very talented- great assembly. The one thing? None of the teachers wanted to go up- none of them. The performers would call them out- and they would not get up. On top of this- most of the teachers I was next to were wearing black- I was reading red.... yeah I had to go up. It was me and three other teachers and four students and we were given those tennis like balls with the fabric tails to whip at each other. It was fine and all but I'd imagine people were like... 'who the hell is she?' but I was paired with a nice student and frankly, I think we made the most impressive throws up there.

Oh yeah, and then on the way back to class I totally bailed on the hill of mud (I was wearing heels) but the students were very nice about it. The girls were so concerned about my shoes.



yarnpiggy said...

Point taken. ;-)

The real question: why didn't anyone take pictures of you up there?

Annika said...

You are SuperSub! You should have a cape.

Anonymous said...

Thank the stars no Palin. Have you seen this?

jenn said...

Oh dear, how are your shoes?