Friday, November 28, 2008

Go Team Me!

So I didn't go on the computer ALL day (except right before work but that's to be expected). What's crazy is that I really do instinctively gravitate to my computer. It's kinda what I do when I'm at home. Not good. (I blame Ravelry) Anyhoo- had a very, very nice day today (whenever I only have to work one job it's kinda like having the day off). I knit and I watched a movie I bought ages ago- Brick Lane- which is a movie based on a book by Monica Ali and the movie is so freaking awesome in every way that I have to read the book. I have it queued at the library :)

And here is a shot of the yarn from Chrissy. Yummy.

And here is a shot of what I finished today! My crunchy granola wool socks for me Papa. Have already cast on for the second one and ignore how weird they look.
And remember when Sheena got me a pirate ice cube tray? It is so cool I had to take a photo of my coke from a few nights ago. It's a bad shot but you can still see the skull and crossbones. So cool!


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