Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Day I'll be Neat

And I mean neat as in 'gosh that's neat!' not as in tidy. I've given up hope of ever being tidy.

And may I just interrupt and say that I ordered pizza tonight and have no regrets? God it's so good and I don't have to share!

Back to the blog.... I went to lots of fun things this past weekend: the cultural crawl and the One of a Kind show (where I bought Xmas presents!). When I was home I was starting to think about how slowly, but at least showing progress-ly, I am acquiring a neat assortment of things that I use and love. I am fearful of trinkets because I have so much stuff (yarn, books, yarn, books, and then some yarn and some books) so I try to use all my loverlies. And I try, and hopefully this won't sound insanely pretentious, to get things that aren't regular- I like things that remind me of someone or are handmand or are just, well, you know. I hope one day I can have a nice collection of useful things, like one of a kind pottery mugs, so I can do away with things I don't need (the mugs with the generic santa on them). Anyhoo, here are some photos- some of my messy kitchen included- of my neat stuff. '

My needle holders: One is a vase given to me by my good friend Kayla and the bigger one is a one I painted years ago in PG (thar be dragons). Crappy photo sorry.
Couple things in this photo: my much beloved Calvin and Hobbes set which you have probably seen before, Matilda (my grad Bear from UNBC because I refused to go to commencement there and darling Carmen got it for me), my drop spindle, and some so far empty but soon to be holders of more dpn bottles.
Very bad photo of my Zapatista incense holder which is a gift from Julia.
My new awesome udon bowl I just picked up on Sunday. I lurrrrrve it.
The teapot from Spike last Christmas (every year I pick out a nice gift to myself from Spike and then I buy him catnip and he rolls around on the floor and eventually bonks out).
The teabag holder made locally bought for me by Jolene when she was here. Pretty pretty pretty. The design is pressed from an actual shell.
The next three are of my most recent hand made mug collection. It was made by an artist, Kingsmill, who owns a pottery place on Granville Island with two other potters. Is that the right title? Potterists? It was hard to photograph just how cool this mug is but I hope you get the idea.

And finally, you've seen the bowl before but I also wanted to show you just one of the cool things my Aunt Shirley has made for me. This is a glass tile mosiac she made for me which is so pretty I refuse to use it a pot holder and just prop it up against the wall in my kitchen.

Ah... now I'm going to go see if Hillary has introduced me to my final doom. Egads like I need another addiction but I. Must. See. It.


Sheena said...

I, too, lurrrv that udon bowl! It's gorgeous!

jenn said...

Oh, neat!


yarnpiggy said...

Neat-o! ;-) I especially love the Udon bowl. Tres cool.

And yes, "potter" is the right word.

Welcome to M.E.! It's ridiculously absorbing...or perhaps I'm just ridiculously simple.

Carmen said...

Ooohh... I love that Matilda is up there... Bamboozle has a very special spot on my bookcase overlooking my computer area...