Thursday, November 06, 2008

Worth of Time

This is my dear friend Jolene....
yeah, she's a cutie. I've taken two days off of subbing to hang out with her since I haven't seen her since 2004. She lives in Saskatchewan and, well, I live here. We met in Katimavik and it's been true dirty love since. She got here Wednesday night and we talked till 1:30 am, then we got up at 8, had the most awesome scrambled eggs ever (roasted garlic, soy cheese, soy milk, a little vanilla, and corn), went to the VAG to see Wack, went to Kadoya (rocked her socks off with sushi), and had a lovely day. I turned down two job calls today and tonight while at my coffee job I turned down one for tomorrow since we are going to Capilano (so I can die of fright) tomorrow.

As previously noted, I freak out when I turn down work~ but then I kinda got the cheesy sayings at work tonight- all epiphany like. You know those whole 'blah blah live your live blah blah no regrets blah blah' sayings? Not the 'Dance like no one's watching' ones (barf) but the whole carpe diem ones. I got it! I was like... when I look back at this time with Jolene, will I want to say... 'hey- I made x amount of dollars subbing while she was on her own' or do I want to say 'she held my hand and carried me across the bridge when I broke down in tears and couldn't move'? It was just as clear as day.

And I mean- hello! I have three freaking jobs. I can afford to take a day off when elusive and bestest of buds are in town.

In other news I'm going to teach her how to knit.


yarnpiggy said...

Have fun at the bridge tomorrow -- don't worry, you'll be o.k.

Oh, and there's always urban yarns in Edgemont Village, if you need somewhere yarny to recover. :-)

Oh (another one!) -- the world's best sandwiches are in the Village, too -- Galleria. I'm telling you...seriously yummy.

Angela said...

Hey now, some of us like the dancing ones! ;-)

I shall have to try vanilla in my eggs. I typically add goat cheese, dill, garlic and a dash of worcestershire sauce, but I never thought to take them in a sweet direction, rather than savoury.

jenn said...

Hee. You need to live your bliss. yeah.