Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kitchener Stitch! (The knitting equivalent of a touchdown if you are wondering)

I made it! Wow. Woo. Yeah, not as entertaining as one would think. Or maybe just as entertaining as one would think?

Got an email from napoblomo with this in it 'just two more days until we cross the finish line, and what have you learned this month? Have you managed to post something though-provoking every day, or do you feel like you clogged up the Internet with less-than-satisfying content for the sake of endurance?' and I was like... um- the latter? The only blog entry I'm really thinking of deleting is that stupid quiz result one that didn't even format right- but I think the endless blog entries of me complaining about how tired I was aren't the things dreams are made of. I do think I have some nice entries. My goal is to blog at least 6 times in December so I can at least make this the second highest year of blog entries (no way I'm beating 2006's 94 entries) but I just need to make it 72 (this one is #65). And hopefully they will be better blog entries.

Speaking of blog entries- remember this one? Yeah- unrealistic goals are made to be broken. I cast on this last night and may run out of yarn so I will have to pick up some more but it's the Scrunchable (non-rav link) scarf made into a cowl knit out of Noro Iro. Mmmm.... Noro Iro.
And remember when I decided I was going to do that blog entry where you take a picture of yourself but then decided I looked waaaaay too crappy to do it so I decided to do just right now and even though I am dirt tired I still look half decent! Spike was in my lap and behaving for once so he's in the photo too. He's wondering why I am playing with the camera and not petting him. He left in disgust soon after the photo was taken.

So this is Spike and I saying goodnight for now.


yarnpiggy said...

Congrats on finishing! I might be crazy, but I'm thinking of keeping it up in December -- it would be three months straight...I guess that makes me a masochist, eh?

jenn said...

nice picture!

Angela said...

You and Spike look so pretty! Wait, is he ok with being pretty? If not, then he's handsome. You are still very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely photo :)