Wednesday, November 12, 2008

High School Blues

Nothing like misspelling words in front of a group of high school students to make you feel like a winner! Anyhoo-

The List as of 8:22pm on the Day Of

The Five Star Category....

Email Grandma and Grandpa- check! I be a good grandaughter!
Email Julia- check encore! I be a good sister too!
Knit 6 scarves- um.... so far I'm at one.
Do 2 loads of laundry and handwashables- two loads of laundry completed and one of them was delicates so this one gets a half check.
Unload dishwasher- I rule! Not only did I unload but I also loaded it. Wow.
Go to the free lung testing thingie- got called out for an afternoon so this was a no go.
Make lunch for tomorrow- done!
Go to bed by 10pm- at this point I may be in bed before nine. Check and check.

So that is... 5.5/8. Not bad!

The Four Star Category....
Vacuum- some. So this is a half check.
Clean under couch- totally dude.
Put away CDs and DVDs- um... no.
Get groceries - yes! Yes I did!
Read - I promise to do so before bed!
ETA (7:30am):Drop off applications- again with the working
ETA (8:20am): Deposit coinage at bank (seriously- 43 dollars in coin)- it's so annoying I added things that I wasn't able to complete. I need to not self-sabotage.

The ETAs only count as halfers so this is a 3.5/5.

Three Star Category...
Organize knitting- um... I think it got worse.
Organize and put away books by bed- yeah no.
Create work CDs - sadly, since this would have been fun, no.
Download photos off of camera- yes! Finally.
Complete one pattern repeat of Malcolm's sweater - Hahaha- this one was so unattainable.
ETA (7:30): Clean out purse- Yes! Woo for four dollars in change!


Two Star Category...
Bring out xmas lights - no. It's too messy in here.
Take photos of shiny new ring- Yes! I did. And then the stone fell out and down my drain! Life sucks!
Take photos of knitting- Yes.

2/3. Pretty good.

One Star Category...
Get hair did - no.


And even though I don't think this makes any sense... here is what I did...

Each section got a number according to the star (5 for 5- you get the point) and then I added the numbers to get 15 (5+4+3+2+1). Than I figured out the percentage of each sections (5.5/8 =68%) than figured out what that was related to the number (68% of 5 is 3.44) for each category than added them together to get a number out of fifteen (8.39) which percentage wise is 56%. So you know- I'm pretty happy with that! 56% of a list where I had to work for a majority of the day and argue with my landlord about fishing rings out of drains (it's still in there fyi- I'll deal with it tomorrow (I'm not using the water) ) is a pretty good percentage.

This whole number crunching list thingie could become addicting. Hm...

Maybe I'll see some of you at knitting tomorrow? Fun times!


yarnpiggy said...

Good job! I'd say 56% is pretty awesome.

Good luck with the landlord and the drain...

Sheena said...

If you liked that yarn, wait till you see my 2D assignment! You inspire me! :)
I love your number crunching math!

julia said...

ha... you've got my number gene too!

jenn said...

That was impressive!

And poooo about the ring!