Friday, November 14, 2008

Pictures of Leaves? NO WAY!

I'm getting so lazy with my posts. 'Here's 18 billion photos- enjoy! I'm going to bed.' I taught day two of a four day posting today which was so nice. The kids are learning my name and saying hello to me in the hallway. I'm doing prep so I'm in all the classes from k-5. It's also a multi-grading school which rocks my world.

I'm listening to Rihanna right now- SOS. Heh.

And back to the photos....
So all of these are of Van Dusen Gardens where I went last weekend with the Jolene. We were only there for an hour but it was a good time. It would be a great place to go knit. The flowers aren't as prominent but there were still lots and very green and lush.

Here's some creepy black flowers. The photo focused on the background but just go with it.
Jolene and I were wondering how much those apartment on the lake cost cause they would rock. There were some fun ducks on the water too who refused to be photographed. I would love to have ducks as a neighbour. Which reminds me- there was a falcon (!) in front of my window the other day and when I tried to move Spike so he could see it he just attacked me.
Jolene beside a big tree. Now that I'm away from the dear I realized how many photos I took but hanging out with Jolene it felt like I was taking no photos. She took photos constantly. When she's in my photos she mostly taking photos herself.
An island in one of the ponds (which they called a lake but I'm like 'maybe in Calgary but in BC- that's a pond').
I am so naming my firstborn this! I don't even know how to pronounce it but it rocks! I call it!
Um... a tree. No island, no Jolene. Just a tree. I really need to come up with some new material.
Oh- this one is a waterfall with no water! Just threw this one in here to jazz things up a little.
um.... yeah I got nothing.
Okay this picture rocks. I love this tree. It was above the creepy walkway (seen below) and hovered over you like it was going to eat you at any second. Grrr.
Creepy walkway.

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Annika said...

Aww, sweet baby Aesculus! How lucky that it could be a boy name or a girl name.