Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's a List

Don't know if I'm going to teach tomorrow but detailing it's midnight and I don't have a lunch prepared or any clean cleaning I think I may *not* be able to go in. Maybe if it's an afternoon jig. Anyhoo- today was freaky unproductive. I got lots of things done coughsimscough but was so not house-productive. So here is my list for tomorrow (which is today) and than hopefully I will come back on tomorrow (today) later and tell you how I did.

Email Grandma and Grandpa
Email Julia
Knit 6 scarves
Do 2 loads of laundry and handwashables
Unload dishwasher
Go to the free lung testing thingie
Make lunch for tomorrow
Go to bed by 10pm

Clean under couch
Put away CDs and DVDs
Get groceries
ETA (7:30am):Drop off applications
ETA (8:20am): Deposit coinage at bank (seriously- 43 dollars in coin)

Organize knitting
Organize and put away books by bed
Create work CDs
Download photos off of camera
Complete one pattern repeat of Malcolm's sweater
ETA (7:30): Clean out purse

Bring out xmas lights
Take photos of shiny new ring
Take photos of knitting

Get hair did

1 comment:

julia said...

ohhh i like the part where you email me!

good luck with the list yonners!