Saturday, November 01, 2008

A list while eating chocolate

Taken from Jenn- this one word thing is hard. I've made up words. And some were impossible to answer in one word. I'm a rule breaker. Argh.

1.Your house? awesomessy

2.Your significant other? lost

3. Your hair? post-snake-frizzy (is too one word!)

4. Your family? wicked

5. Favorite place to eat? kadoya

6. Your favorite thing you can see right now? yarn

7. Where is your cell phone? beside me

8. Your favorite drink? soy vanilla lattes (free)

9.Your dream/goal? to have my own classroom

10. What Room you are in? living room

11. Your hobby? knitting

12. Your fear? driving alongside cliffs

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? in my own classroom

14. Where were you last night? coffee shop

15. Something that you aren’t? asian

16. Pie? apple

17. Wish list item? maid

18. TV show? Buffy

19. Last thing you did? grind beans for coffee

20. What are you wearing? pajamas

21. Vacation spot? New Orleans

22. Your pets? Spike the Spawnkitty Andrew

23. A best friend? Hordes of them

24. Your life? Busycool

25. Your mood? a little anxious

26. Missing someone? MY FAMILY!!!!

27. Your car? Imaginary

28. Something you’re not wearing. matching socks

29. Your favorite store? the yarn variety

30.Best memory?growing up


yarnpiggy said...

I might have to steal that for tomorrow's post...two months of NaBloPoMo in a row was probably not a great idea for me. :-)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you more often, though!

See you at the Grind tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

15. Something that you aren’t? asian


-anon jenn as i can't log in

jenn said...

Just trying to comment again and seeing if I was insane last time (I was also holding Malcolm which can make me seem insane).