Saturday, November 15, 2008


I grad next week. Woo. I don't even know why I'm going to the ceremony but alas I signed up. I think I want to just get there so I can have some time to knit. I need to cast on for socks for my dad and then my brother in laws (thick yarn- actual woo!) and will just bring them. I'm getting the photo of me receiving my doo-hickey so I'm also going to see if I can get the yarn in the photo too. So basically I'm going to grad for all the right reasons.

Today I worked coffee shop than voted than went on a vain search for a better kitty litter box which resulted in me trying to find Spike a vet because it sounds like he might be sick but he needs a check up regardless. Voting was fun. I laughed at the 'secrecy sleeve' and kept on saying it with air quotation marks~ I mean, I had this sheet of paper with me with all the people I was voting for that I left open on the registration table and was carrying around. Also the 'secrecy sleeve' was a file folder. Oooohhhhh. But it was nice to vote. Than I got a phone call from a teacher asking if I had voted so that was nice to be able to say 'yes.' Maybe I should turn on the radio and see how the results are doing. Polls closed... only 20 minutes ago! Oh god, it's only 8? Freak I thought it was pushing 10! Sweet, I'm playing sims.


Anonymous said...

I think it's lovely that your knitting gets to go to grad!

julia said...

i'm glad you voted since i never sorted out if i could do absentee voter in the registration - and such a good result!! free juice for everyone now right!?!?

oh, and have fun when you have to kneel down and some old dude bonks you (with some official stick or something) on the head. weird. i didn't go to my grad because i was afraid i'd hit him back out of reflex.